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Tashan Fatima

A political and women rights activist, Tashan tirelessly campaigns to increase public spaces for young women, and has long worked on minority women issues. A change-maker, she is furious at honor killings and harassment of women in the South Asian societies.


Ayesha Fahad-Shahbaz

Ayesha is a civil servant by profession, a mother and a feminist by choice. Well-traveled and experienced in the developing societies, she particularly champions the cause of the girl-child and the young women. Can’t stop us now, she says!


Sehrish Khan

A keen observer of the gender issues around the world, Sehrish is a practical campaigner for women's liberties in Pakistan. A believer of words making a change across the world, she upholds the values of liberal feminism.


Atoofa Najeeb

Better known as "Fifu," she is an Islamic Feminist and strives for creating greater public spaces for women in the Muslims societies. A campaigner at heart, she constantly works with young and underprivileged girls. Proud to be a woman, she says!


Sadaf Gul

Sadaf combats desertification, climate change, food insecurity, poverty and gender disparities in the Pakistani society. She has been a consistent voice on these challenges and their impact on women. She is participant of the change she wants!


Mubashir Akram

A constant promoter of equal, rather prioritized opportunities for women, Mubashir is active in the local development sphere since the 1990s. A firm believer in democracy, free markets, and women’s economic and political empowerment.


Anam Zakaria

An author, development professional and educationist, her first book “Footprints of Partition: Narratives of Four Generations of Pakistanis and Indians” was shortlisted for the German Peace Prize 2015. Studies trauma and healing in conflict zones.


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