Tashan Fatima

A political and women rights activist, Tashan tirelessly campaigns to increase public spaces for young women, and has long worked on minority women issues. A change-maker, she is furious at honor killings and harassment of women in the South Asian societies.


Question of Gender Equality in Pakistan

Tashan Fatima

“I think democratic people have a natural taste for freedom. But for equality, they have a fervent, insatiable, eternal and invincible passion – Alexis de Tocqueville.” In Pakistan, Read More...

Rape in Pakistan: Talk About It!

Tashan Fatima

Sexual ferocity remains highly stigmatized in all sceneries, thus levels of disclosure of the assault vary between regions. In general, it is a widely underreported phenomenon, thus available Read More...

A Pakistani Woman’s Manual of Daily Life

Tashan Fatima

It is not easy being a woman anywhere in the world but it is a tad more difficult being a woman in Pakistan. Living just a plain simple Read More...

Asia Bibi: A Call To Mercy

Tashan Fatima

Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi, a mother of five is on the death row on charges of blasphemy. Her  “basic crime:” offering water to her Muslim co-workers from the Read More...

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