Challenges and Issues

      That women and societies face across the world.

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Career and Choice

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From being and becoming doctors to diplomats, women have played their part in building their families and societies. With tech-enablement, there should be greater opportunities for women of the world to develop and grow professionally in businesses and careers. A women professional means a quality professional. Learn. Hone. Recognize.

Comments and Essays

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You think you’ve got something bubbling up inside your brain that needs and expression, but cannot decide that objective and topic? This is where your committed but general thoughts are converted into words, published and shared with the world. Write your thought before it gets swept away with a million other things happening around you. You thought is precious, and the world must know about it. Period!

Economies and Women

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Women across the world do not get equal opportunities, and compensation to that of men. This needs to change, change fast, and change on merit. This global economic apartheid cannot and will not go away without a consistent effort. The time is now!

For the Girl-child

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The girl-child suffers a range of traditional discriminations and societal biases in developing societies. People and societies generally fail to realize the burden a girl-child shoulders from the early adolescence, and continues to do so all her adult and life in senior years. SheWrites celebrates every girl-child in the world, and would always campaign for the right to better life.


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Everyday around the world, millions of women suffer various harassments: social, sexual, psychological, online, professional, personal. Harassment is also considered as one of the major causes in developing societies that women do not and cannot progress. This is a societal curse, and all must work against it.

He Stands By She

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Men who understand the perils of patriarchy, and dangers of calling it “a man’s world out there,” are the friends and partners of women in creating a more just world for all of us. Men could have half of their world as their just share, as women would always do better with rest of the half!

Peace and Security

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Women and the girl-child has remained the largest sufferers of the conflicts throughout history, and the situation remains the same in our times also. With groups and governments mostly failing to realize their roles and responsibilities toward women and the girl-child during conflicts, peoples of the world need raise their voice to solicit global and local actions according to the international treaties.

Personal Stories

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Not all personal stories are personal. There are lessons learnt. There are experiences gained. There are disappointments tackled. There are successes met. There are difficulties handled. There are adversities defeated. There are challenges met. And you did it all. Why would you not share what is personal, yet so fabulously fascinating? Wouldn't you?

Politics and Women

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The human societies have come a long way: from refusing right-of-vote to women, to electing them as Presidents and Prime Ministers. But we must recognize that situation is far from ideal in a majority of societies. When a woman’s vote is equal to a man’s, why the opportunities to progress politically aren’t? Think. Act. Now!

Sex and Sexuality

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Women are not sex objects, and their sexuality is not something to jeer on. But they are seen as sex objects, and their sexuality mocked at, particularly in the patriarchal and developing societies around the world. Such trends need to change. Women, just like men, have sexual as well as gender roles, and their sexuality is to be respected.


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This “V” word hasn’t gone away, and sadly, does not seem to be going away in near future. Women face violence in a variety of ways from social/sexual harassment to forced marriages, domestic violence, trafficking etc. Women are also the largest sufferers of violence in conflicts throughout the human history. Violence is bad. Let’s work against it with greater power and solidarity.

Women and Societies

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Each society has a different set of challenge for women. Some have turned toward enabling them, and some are turning into that direction. But the truth is: most societies disable women in pursuing their dreams. The relationship between women and societies is a complex sociological study that our writers would try explaining as simply as possible.

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